Markus Walter donates hundreds of respiratory masks to social institutions.

One may ask what a manufacturer of soldering systems and automation technology has to do with respiratory masks. Certainly nothing at first sight, at second glance, however, a globally operating company can use its worldwide contacts to support locally where help is currently most needed.

Due to the worldwide pandemic of the corona virus, the availability of respiratory masks dropped to a critical level. Particularly masks with FFP2 or FFP3 standard that are certified according to EN149 are in very short supply. According to the WHO these respiratory masks provide effective prevention of infection.
Consequently, there is a huge demand in hospitals or nursing services as the nursing staff is working in close contact to patients. Equally huge is the disappointment when respiratory masks are simply not available to protect doctors and nursing staff and enable them to continue to work healthy.

Markus Walter, CEO of SEHO Systems GmbH, gained a first-hand impression of this situation. “Especially for small surgeries and nursing services it is extremely difficult to organize protective clothing. Their staff capacities are not lined out to contact different sources for days just to get another “not available” in the end,” says Markus Walter.
Therefore, he contacted SEHO’s subsidiary in China some weeks ago and the Chinese colleagues were able to buy a large number of respiratory masks from brand manufacturer 3M which immediately were sent to Germany.

The particulate respirators are made with 5 ply protection which are able to resist 95% viruses and bacteria effectively. They are certified according to GB2626-2006 KN95 which corresponds to the European EN149:2001 certification for FFP2 masks.

In the meantime, several hundreds of respiratory masks where distributed free of charge to hospitals in Würzburg and Wertheim as well as nursery services and retirement homes in Wertheim, Külsheim and Tauberbischofsheim. In addition, masks were sent to the SEHO subsidiaries in USA and Mexico.

Especially in these difficult times it is important to show solidarity and not to put own interests first. Thus, SEHO’s initiative was very well received – all of the institutions were more than happy about the unexpected donation.


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