Smart Automation in Selective Soldering.

The next generation of electronics manufacturing must be flexible and cost-efficient, even in manufacturing areas that have traditionally been dominated by manual processes. The only way to make this possible is via smart, scalable automation.

Siemens AG is among the pioneers of new manufacturing processes. In the modernization of the Siemens equipment manufacturing plant in Amberg, the project team had itself ambitious goals – for the selective process, these goals were achieved using a SEHO SelectLine system.

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SEHO awarded for SmartSplit during productronica.

SEHO was awarded a 2021 GLOBAL Technology Award in the category of Selective Soldering for its new SmartSplit. The award was announced during a ceremony that took place Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2021 during productronica in Munich, Germany.

SEHO SmartSplit is an intelligent software that controls and coordinates the process sequence for different assemblies in mixed operation. This newly developed software component turns an efficient system for batch production into an innovative selective soldering system for high-mix-high-volume production, without retrofitting and without additional costs.

SmartSplit automatically distributes the various process tasks, such as flux deposition, soldering process with up to six soldering units and selective brushing process, to the available process stations that are integrated in the individual machine. As a result, SEHO SmartSplit allows high mix – high volume production in selective soldering processes by cutting the cycle times in half. This amazing new function can be integrated in the SelectLine-C machine platform as well as the new LeanSelect-plus.

The space-saving conception of the individual process stations minimizes floor space costs. In addition, several soldering units in a system can use one service station centrally. A further advantage of the SmartSplit software is its programming simplicity. Only the overall soldering task has to be programmed for an assembly.

The GLOBAL Technology Awards have recognized the very best new innovations in the printed circuit assembly and packaging industries since 2005. The prestigious awards contest has been bringing together the global SMT and advanced packaging industry in a celebration of the companies and people that are achieving the highest standards and driving our industry forward. For more information, visit

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Increased process reliability and higher flexibility in wave soldering processes with the automatic nozzle height adjustment.

Most wave soldering systems installed in electronic productions are equipped with one or two solder nozzles that generate a turbulent wave. This configuration is ideal for most products, however, this concept reaches its limitations if, for example, PCBs in masks are to be processed. The reliable wetting of all solder joints is not guaranteed, depending on the thickness of the mask and the size of the cutouts. Additionally, it might be challenging to achieve a reproducible process if the distances between covered SMD components and the THT pins to be soldered are too small. Sophisticated assemblies that are processed in soldering masks often show soldering defects such as incomplete solder joints or solder bridges.

Automatic nozzle height adjustment that does not influence the wave soldering system’s cycle time provides an innovative approach for these applications. The height of each solder nozzle can be adjusted via the software within a total distance of 20 mm, creating the optimal product-specific distance between circuit board and solder nozzle. The automatic nozzle height adjustment provides additional process reliability and better product quality because all solder joints will be reliably wetted and a component-specific defined solder peel-off will be enabled.

The system is linked to the sector soldering feature. This function allows program parameters for pump revolution speed (wave height) and conveyor speed individually for up to 16 circuit board sectors. By adding the individual nozzle height, i.e. the optimum distance between PCB and solder nozzle, at up to 16 different circuit board sectors, this system provides a large process window and maximum flexibility. It also ensures sustainability of the wave soldering machine with regard to future applications.

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SEHO’s history is linked to many trend setting innovations in the electronics industry.

Since its foundation in 1976, SEHO has become a worldwide contact partner for the electronics industry. As an innovative, international company, SEHO develops and manufactures soldering systems and automation technology that are trend setting. Whether in the automotive industry, medical technology, aerospace, power electronics or industrial technology: Leading electronics manufacturers rely on soldering technology and automation concepts from SEHO.

SEHO CEO Markus Walter commented: “We are honored to announce our 45th year in business. It always has been our aim to constantly improve existing processes, optimize production equipment for future applications and implement innovative ideas into our machines to create added value for our customers. Due to continuous investment in research that is far above the industry’s average and a highly motivated team, SEHO is able to quickly react to new trends in electronics manufacturing and convert them into processes and products for serial production. I would like to give special thanks to our employees, customers and partners for their loyalty because they are the reason we are here today.”

Established 45 years ago, SEHO Systems GmbH and its subsidiaries in the USA, Korea and China, is a family owned and operated company. Today, the SEHO brand stands for innovative systems for all fields of automated soldering processes, AOI solutions especially for THT applications, customized automation technology and know-how. Customers profit from complete solutions that perfectly match and convince with flexibility, performance and efficiency.

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The difference is the detail.

Electronics manufacturers are facing daily challenges to be competitive in a global environment. The quality of the manufactured products, price pressure, and manufacturing process sustainability are just some of the tasks to place the future of electronics manufacturing on sound footing. Equipment suppliers can efficiently support this.

SEHO is in close contact with customers worldwide. Energy-efficient machines, flexibility, a higher degree of automation in terms of process control, and reduced wear susceptibility are major approaches for the beneficial support of electronics manufacturers. SEHO scrutinized the soldering processes and refined them in this direction. Innovative technologies help to establish more efficient processes and often are the small details that make the difference.

This article discusses latest innovations for wave soldering and selective soldering processes that effectively help to reduce production costs and increase product quality at the same time. Unique features such as automatic wave height control in wave soldering processes or miniwave solder nozzles that are virtually maintenance-free will be introduced.

Click here to download the article, published in SMT Today, issue 43/2020.

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Siemens Motion Control in Erlangen, Nuremberg, develops exciting manufacturing model for goal-driven, digital manufacturing.

Pioneering new methods, setting new standards for efficiency, taking on new challenges: This is the foundation of the success of the Digital Industry Division at Siemens Motion Control in Erlangen. Drawing on innovative ideas and manufacturing concepts that were implemented together with SEHO, the company enters the home stretch on its way to the lean digital factory.

One of the hightlights at the Siemens Erlangen production plant is the new THT line made by SEHO. It is designed for the matrix manufacturing concept that is Siemens’ goal. The line is expandable and its degree of automation is successively scalable. “We worked very closely with SEHO on the realization of this line. This allowed us to implement a concept that alligns perfectly with our corporate strategy: flexible automation for a lean, digital factory”, says Werner Eckert, manufacturing technology expert at Siemens Erlangen.

The new manufacturing concept allows to assemble the different product types in variable quantities with great efficiency, thus allowing flexible reaction to customer requirements.

Click here to download the article, published in Global SMT & Packaging, November 2020

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SEHO SelectLine with many new and innovative features.



SEHO选择性焊接设备产品经理Alexander Blum表示:“我们的目标是通过不断改进我们的设备和现有工艺,优化它们以备未来应用,并实施创新理念,不断为客户创造附加值。”许多的创新理念都被整合在SelectLine中,使选择性焊接设备成为SEHO产品组合中最成功的产品之一。







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Cost-Efficient Quality Assurance in THT Processes

SEHO Systems GmbH是全球领先的焊接工艺和自动化生产线解决方案制造商,是不断创新的最佳合作伙伴。通过PowerVision,SEHO专注于THT组装制造中的两个关键环节:持续的质量保证和成本效益的生产工艺流程。

SEHO PowerVision快速、自动的光学检测是专为THT工艺而设计的。该系统可根据制造要求进行配置:用于波峰或选择性焊接设备前的元件贴放检测,或用于波峰或选择性焊接工艺后的焊点检测,或作为两种检测任务的组合,集成到同一模块中以节省空间。


独立变体的SEHO PowerVision可以灵活地集成到每一条全自动生产线。此外,该系统还可以直接集成到SEHO的许多选择性焊接系统,从而提供额外的好处,特别是在占地面积和基板处理成本等方面。







Click here to learn more about SEHO PowerVision.

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Golden Nozzle for Golden Results.
New Mini-Wave Solder Nozzle Optimizes the Selective Soldering Process

SEHO developed a new mini-wave solder nozzle that remarkably improves the selective soldering process in many ways. The LongLife solder nozzle is compatible with both SEHO selective soldering systems and different brands.

SEHO’s LongLife solder nozzle is manufactured in a special process without damaging the cubic metal matrix. Contrary to the manufacturing process of a conventional cut surface, this new process does not change the arrangement of atoms at the surface of the nozzle material. Additionally, the mini-wave solder nozzle is coated with a special gold alloy. This combination gives the new solder nozzle some outstanding characteristics.

A particular benefit of the LongLife solder nozzle is its lifetime. Its lifetime is more than three times longer than that of conventional solder nozzles under the same conditions. Therefore, the annual savings potential is remarkable.

The new LongLife solder nozzle, however, has much more to offer:

  • No activation prior to production start.
    Simply insert the nozzle, turn on the pump and start production within a few seconds.
  • No maintenance requirements and no re-activation needed throughout a complete production shift.
    The LongLife solder nozzle ensures a remarkably increased machine availability. Additionally, the costs for typical consumables and chemical activation materials are reduced remarkably.
    The LongLife solder nozzle is even absolutely maintenance-free if it is combined with the ultrasonic nozzle cleaner from SEHO.
  • Highest process stability due to improved heat energy transfer to the solder joints and higher stability of the wave height.
  • Reduced soldering defect rates, as the LongLife solder nozzle permanently features perfect activation.
  • Environmentally-friendly and resource-conserving. Materials usage is remarkably lower, and due to reduced wear and elimination of chemical activation materials, oxides and dross are reduced as well.
  • In combination with the ultrasonic solder nozzle cleaner from SEHO, another very special advantage arises:
    Maintenance staff members and the environment are protected as solvents, chemical activation materials and acids are eliminated from the process.

You want to experience the advantages of the new LongLife solder nozzle for yourself? Just give us a call or send us an Email.

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Markus Walter donates hundreds of respiratory masks to social institutions.

One may ask what a manufacturer of soldering systems and automation technology has to do with respiratory masks. Certainly nothing at first sight, at second glance, however, a globally operating company can use its worldwide contacts to support locally where help is currently most needed.

Due to the worldwide pandemic of the corona virus, the availability of respiratory masks dropped to a critical level. Particularly masks with FFP2 or FFP3 standard that are certified according to EN149 are in very short supply. According to the WHO these respiratory masks provide effective prevention of infection.
Consequently, there is a huge demand in hospitals or nursing services as the nursing staff is working in close contact to patients. Equally huge is the disappointment when respiratory masks are simply not available to protect doctors and nursing staff and enable them to continue to work healthy.

Markus Walter, CEO of SEHO Systems GmbH, gained a first-hand impression of this situation. “Especially for small surgeries and nursing services it is extremely difficult to organize protective clothing. Their staff capacities are not lined out to contact different sources for days just to get another “not available” in the end,” says Markus Walter.
Therefore, he contacted SEHO’s subsidiary in China some weeks ago and the Chinese colleagues were able to buy a large number of respiratory masks from brand manufacturer 3M which immediately were sent to Germany.

The particulate respirators are made with 5 ply protection which are able to resist 95% viruses and bacteria effectively. They are certified according to GB2626-2006 KN95 which corresponds to the European EN149:2001 certification for FFP2 masks.

In the meantime, several hundreds of respiratory masks where distributed free of charge to hospitals in Würzburg and Wertheim as well as nursery services and retirement homes in Wertheim, Külsheim and Tauberbischofsheim. In addition, masks were sent to the SEHO subsidiaries in USA and Mexico.

Especially in these difficult times it is important to show solidarity and not to put own interests first. Thus, SEHO’s initiative was very well received – all of the institutions were more than happy about the unexpected donation.


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